Bernie Sanders – the “anti-Wall Street candidate” betrayed his entire support base yesterday by endorsing Hillary Clinton – the ultimate Wall Street insider.

Wall Street banks make up four of the top seven of Hillary’s all-time political donors. Hillary has received a total of over $6 million dollars from Wall Street institutions when super PAC money is included during her current presidential campaign.

Bernie ran on a campaign based around taking on Wall Street firms that have “acquired too much economic and political power, endangering our economy and our political process.”

He then did a complete 180 and endorsed Hillary, the most corrupt, Wall-Street friendly politician in America.

A lot of Bernie voters are feeling incredibly dismayed and let down right now, but if you’re one of them, just be thankful you’re not in the same boat as these idiots who got images of the 74-year-old socialist sellout tattooed on their skin.

We shouldn’t be too mean to naive Bernie Bros who believed the Vermont Senator’s empty platitudes, but if you were stupid enough to get his face tattooed on your body, you really deserve all the ridicule there is on offer.

Maybe there’s still one saving grace….


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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