Cry-baby social justice warriors had no ‘safe space’ to retreat to after #TheTriggering began trending on Twitter and millions of leftists were exposed to some politically incorrect home truths.

The echo chamber of social media and the use of mass block lists normally ensures that precious snowflake SJWs rarely have their stupid ideas challenged – which is probably a good thing for them since they have now started demanding counseling whenever someone disagrees with their opinion.

However, a growing army of libertarians, conservatives and actual liberals who believe in free speech are becoming increasingly strident in their opposition to how a growing culture of censorship is beginning to pollute academia and public discourse.

From trigger warnings, to safe spaces, to the effort to re-define criticism, satire and merely disagreeing with someone’s opinion as “harassment” and “abuse,” the cultural backlash against the new face of authoritarianism is accelerating.

#TheTriggering – first devised by libertarian activist Lauren Southern – is the latest manifestation of that backlash.

Only one news outlet covered #TheTriggering in advance of its Twitter debut, a website called ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’.

The story claims that the entire thing is merely an excuse for “Internet jerks” to be “extra jerky,” a description that suggests the person who wrote it was triggered by #TheTriggering before it even began.

In reality, #TheTriggering is a hilarious way to re-assert the right to broadcast controversial truths in the face of perpetually offended mobs who up until this point have exploited Twitter as a means of publicly shaming and ruining people’s lives simply to make themselves look good in front of their virtue-signaling peers.

Twitter itself has responded in kind, shadow-banning and outright censoring conservatives for having the wrong political opinions.

No surprise then that Twitter is already trying to censor the hashtag itself.

Here’s what will happen next; If the media dares to even cover this, they will ignore the 99.99% of smart #TheTriggering tweets and instead focus on the tiny fraction of tweets from white supremacists that are actually racist.

View a selection of the best #TheTriggering tweets below and be sure to head over to Twitter to contribute some of your own.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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