Jeb! just can’t seem to get any respect.

At a rally before the Nashua rotary club in New Hampshire Tuesday, the former Florida governor experienced yet another cringe-worthy moment when he was awkwardly cut off in the middle of a speech.

“They’re kicking me out the door,” Jeb said, confused on why he was being ushered off stage. “They’re kicking me out the door,” he repeated.

“I believe your schedule has a hard stop,” a man taking the podium says, as he moves on to his speech.

The incident follows a line of embarrassing moments for former President George W. Bush’s brother, who has had a hard time fighting the perception that he is a “low energy” candidate.

Over the weekend, his opponent Donald Trump had some harsh words after Jeb’s mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, said she was “sick” of the billionaire and his alleged disrespect towards women.

Trump shot back that Jeb had to bring “mommy” in to slap him.

During a speech at the Hanover Inn in New Hampshire last week, Jeb had possibly his most awkward moment yet when he had to beg the audience to clap after one of his speeches.

Earlier this week, the Bush clan member scurried off after mocking the release of the missing 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 when confronted by Infowars.

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