Jason Douglass
December 24, 2010
Banner from AS&E websiteAfter the staged TSA stand down during the national ‘opt-out’ day protests, mainstream media pretended public opinion had swayed when TSA temporarily relaxed their new techniques in order to diffuse the impact of the protests. But it has become painfully clear since then — that tech was just the beginning.

A press release from American Science and Engineering, Inc (“AS&E”) reveals a recent government contract for Z Portal screening systems valued up to $67 Million. As if this weren’t enough of a confirmation that the technology is here to stay, 3 days later another press release came out announcing an additional $4.9 million Z Portal order from U.S. Government and an additional $3.8 million order for ZBV Military Trailers announced on December 22nd. From these consistent orders we can infer that this technology is not only here to stay but is poised for proliferation.

From AS&E website:

The Z Portal® is a high-throughput screening gateway, allowing approximately 80 trucks or 120 passenger vehicles per hour… AS&E’s Z Portal® is a multi-view, drive-through inspection system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks, and their cargo for concealed threats and contraband.

Image from website depicting a deployed Z Portal system.“These additional Z Portal systems will provide homeland security officials with advanced detection technology,” said Anthony Fabiano, AS&E’s President and CEO.”The Z Portal offers a high-throughput security solution to safely and effectively screen vehicles for explosive threats, drugs, and other contraband. We continue to receive outstanding field performance reports of AS&E systems deployed on the border, and we are proud to support the U.S. government’s critical counter-drug and anti-terrorism missions.”

Image from website depicting Z Portal X-ray image.

About Z Portal(R)
Z Portal is a multi-view, drive-through vehicle screening system capable of scanning trucks, cars and vans for concealed threats and contraband.

The Z Portal employs AS&E’s patented Z Backscatter technology, which produces photo-like images of the contents of a container or vehicle, highlighting organic materials…

Notice the use of the phrase ‘photo-like image’ which is clearly contradicted in the company’s privacy concerns section:

Privacy Assured

The Z Portal produces a black-and-white image of the vehicle, in which organic or non-metallic objects (such as drugs, plastics, and explosives) are highlighted. The system creates a silhouette — with no facial or body detail — of a person inside the vehicle. The Z Portal scan only alerts the operator to the presence of a person as only a silhouette and the system cannot be used to identify the individual, or the race, sex or age of the person.

Reduces Traveler’s Inconvenience: Reduces intrusive and time consuming manual searches from potentially hours to minutes.

From the phrasing in the above statement, it is obvious the angle to entice the public into an acceptance of a product like this will be convenience.  The message is that this product is about to be rolled out everywhere and it will make you safer while presenting less of a hassle.

Safety Assured

Web capture of safety guidelines.

Safety Assured: Z Portal’s low radiation dosage is safe for operators, drivers and the environment and falls well within standards set by The National Council on Radiation Protection and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Of course, these are the same ‘low radiation’ claims being made about the devices used in airports. Despite the safety claims, several contrary studies have been released. We posted an article last year exposing how similar TSA technology tears apart human DNA which can lead to cancer.  Even mainstream media Dr. Oz has warned about this dangerous radiation hazard and lists at least 4 groups of people who shouldn’t get the scan.

After listing reassurances that their technology is completely safe AS&E makes sure to also list a comprehensive disclaimer:

Safe Harbor Statement. The foregoing press release contains statements concerning AS&E’s financial performance, markets and business operations that may be considered “forward-looking” under applicable securities laws. AS&E wishes to caution readers of this press release that actual results might differ materially from those projected in any forward-looking statements.

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Image from AS&E website depicting a mobile scanning device.

Image from website depicting mobile use of the device.

Image from AS&E website depicting display for radiation detection ad-on.

A contract like this represents a massive rollout and an entirely new level of commitment to an invasive, unhealthy, and unconstitutional agenda.

Imagine the city of the future, an Orwellian control grid with VIPER teams around every corner who wield unlimited power. They use terrorism and the events of 9/11 as a pretext to surveil everyone and they are equipped with state of the art technology that can peer beneath your very clothes. For your own ‘safety’, you are constantly bathed in ‘acceptable’ radiation.

Don’t you feel safer already?

American Science and Engineering, Inc will begin production of the screening systems for DHS immediately. Coming soon, to a check-point in the police state near you.

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