Kurt Nimmo
October 25, 2010

One faction of globalist tools outing another faction of globalist tools. That’s how we play politics in America today.

Think Progress — which should be called Think Soros because it is funded by George Soros — has released a private correspondence sent out by Charles Koch of Koch Industries. The memo has the itinerary of a private meeting held at an exclusive hotel in Aspen attached.

Soros globalists leak neocon RINO document. Click here to read PDF.

In the memo, Koch says his group of neocons and RINOs plan to “change the balance of power in Congress this November.” In other words, give power back to a Republican-dominated set of globalists and statists who hope to come out the winners in the perpetual game of musical chairs as the corrupt Mafioso government continues its slow motion Titanic routine to the bottom.

Koch plans to “activate citizens,” that is to say convince them to vote for Republicans and trademark Tea Party operatives who buy into the neocon philosophy.

The hand of the neocons weighs heavily on this invitation only, media excluded event. Charles Krauthammer will dispense his wisdom — something you can get for nothing on Fox News any day of the week — and so will stand-up comic Glenn Beck and broker-dealer Peter Schiff.

I don’t know why Schiff is speaking at this event. But then maybe I do. He’s adopted the neocon line on bombing small nations that don’t have nuclear weapons but might according to neocons who have a track record of telling lies in order to get the U.S. involved in the sort of foreign adventures George Washington warned us about. Schiff tells us to stop spending money. But then he apparently wants a huge military that can bomb small backwater countries at the drop of a hat. Go figure. Sounds awful establishment Republican to me.

Take a look at the list of people participating in this event. There are all kinds of former government insiders who will become insiders again if some RINO is elected president in 2012 and the “socialist” Dems are thrown out of the House and Senate next month. For neocons, the only socialism that works is the kind that gives the Pentagon trillions — that can subsequently disappear inside a black hole — and all kinds of fancy tax payer funded death machines to be used against the enemies of Israel, who also happen to be the enemies of the bankers.

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Remember Carroll Quigely’s maxim — throw out one set of insider “rascals” for another set of insiders who follow the same basic policies.

Funny though Think Soros feels compelled to warn us about Charles Koch and the neocons when George Soros and the other faction of one-worlder neolibs are basically calling for the same thing.

Notice Obama is still in Iraq and Afghanistan and is expanding the murder campaign into Pakistan and soon enough Yemen and possibly Africa and beyond. Notice his administration is filled with Goldman Sachs cronies. Notice they will not investigate and prosecute the banksters for fleecing the public and stealing hundreds of thousands of homes right and left. Sounds pretty liberal to me. Not.

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For the pencil-necked geeks and mass murder apologists at Think Soros, the Koch memo is big news. For the rest of us, it is merely an indication that nothing much changes when these control freaks and government-loving sociopaths are in power and engaged in the same old game of musical chairs.

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