September 7, 2011

E Ink is already doing swift business in the growing e-reader market, but just like any technology company, it can’t sit still for fear of being overtaken or made redundant. With that in mind, the company has used IFA 2011 to show us some future products and the latest updates to its displays that are coming to market.

E Ink’s biggest success to date has to be the monochrome display found inside the best selling e-reader on the market: the Amazon Kindle. At IFA 2011 E Ink revealed some interesting facts about that monochrome display including how much potential it has for the future.

First of all, the displays are made in rolls of up to 1km in length and over a meter wide. Those rolls are then cut to specification, connectors attached to allow integration with a circuit board, before being shipped to partners like Amazon. In other words, E Ink has no trouble producing millions of these displays in short order, showing us why Amazon has been able to meet demand for the Kindle despite its huge popularity.

The resolution on the Kindle is SVGA, a mere 800 x 600 pixels and 167dpi. What you may not have known is that Kindle E Ink display is already capable of much higher resolutions, up to 12x SVGA in fact. The bottleneck isn’t the screen tech, but the underlying electronics capable of handling such a high resolution display.

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