Editor’s note: Detroit is the paradigm for every other large urban area in America.

It’s a situation that is really bugging bus riders — and creating a potentially itchy, scratchy ride in Detroit. Just when riders thought the problem-riddled transit system couldn’t get any worse, there’s reportedly a bed bug situation.

Detroit Councilwoman Brenda Jones brought up the issue of bedbugs on city buses during a recent meeting. She said she’d been told by a young lady that they’re a problem, and wanted to know what’s being done to solve the problem.

D-DOT Director Dan Dirks says many systems nationwide have had to deal with this dilemma — and Detroit’s buses are sprayed periodically.

“I can’t tell you exactly, I know it’s done periodically,” Dirks told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas. “When we get a request in, we’ll do it that day.”

Detroit City Council and D-DOT are working together to address the problem, he added.

He added it’s not an uncommon problem in a transit system.

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