There are tons of wearables that are targeted at modifying your bad behavior. (I tried one of them, the Pavlok, to curb my eating habits at Thanksgiving dinner, to some success.) But these devices mainly work by making you more conscious of your bad habits, rather than by specifically targeting the habits themselves.

The Sagentia SmartStop, however, is a bit different. It’s a wearable smart band that helps you quit smoking by pumping nicotine directly into your system at the exact time that you’re craving a cigarette, so you won’t need to take an actual smoke break.

Launched by a U.K. design team in partnership with the Silicon Valley firm Chrono Therapeutics, the wearable is essentially a connected bracelet that delivers nicotine to your system 24/7, but increases the dosage at times when you’d typically step outside for a smoke break, so it’s tailored to your own habits. The bracelet is also connected to an app that provides real-time encouragement to help users quit smoking.

In this sense, the SmartStop differs from other smoking cessation methods like the patch or Nicorette, which do not come with a digital support system and typically only circulate small levels of nicotine throughout your system during the day. That’s why Alan Levy, the CEO of Chrono Therapeutics, sees the Sagentia as a game-changer in the smoking cessation industry.

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