December 9, 2011

This Christmas, give the gift of disarmament!

Programs in communities across the nation are urging people to give up their guns– in exchange for gift cards in time for holiday shopping. While the pittance of $25 or $50 seems unlikely to motivate a trade off for firearms, routinely worth hundreds or more, the message is there– promoted under the mantra “no questions asked”– guns are undesirable, perhaps almost illegal. In many cases, the weapons are traced for DNA and fingerprint evidence that could be connected with a crime, before being destroyed.

In the round-up of stories on these nearly-identical programs, it is a clear trend that a police officer is there, not only to ensure that guns received are safely stored and unloaded before destruction, but perhaps, to give the impression that guns are menace rather than an asset and right guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Routinely, the rationale is to stop gun-related crimes– as if the criminals rather than braindead consumers will be lining up to turn in their weapons.

Instead, as has been confirmed in the fallout over Fast & Furious, criminal gangs are facilitated with firearms directly from the federal government… but that’s all part of the fun of demonizing the Second Amendment and putting the burden of potential guilt on the public at large.

Tennessee: Trade guns for Kroger gift cards at Saturday event

The Tennessean

Residents can exchange real firearms for $25 Kroger gift cards from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday at the Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church parking lot at 1803 County Hospital Road in Bordeaux.

No questions will be asked to those exchanging the guns. […] A Metro Police officer from the department’s Training Academy will be in the church parking lot to receive the guns, ensure that they are unloaded and do not pose any immediate danger. [Read full article]

Michigan City, Mich: More Bucks for Your Bang: A gun in exchange for a $50 gift certificate

Fire arms piled into big plastic tubs at the Michigan City Police Department on Friday.

These guns were not seized or part of any bust, all 40 weapons were traded in as part of the gun campaign, ‘Get More Bucks for Your Bang.’

The deal was, a gun in exchange for a fifty dollar gift certificate to Wal-Mart. [Read full article]

Avondale, Arizona: Police collected 61 guns during buy-back program

Arizona Republic News

The Avondale police collected 61 guns during a “no questions asked” gun buy-back aimed at reducing gun-related crimes.

Police spokesman Reuben Gonzales said the unwanted firearms now are out of the hands of people who either didn’t want a gun in their home or were unfamiliar with how to use them and are out of situations where they could be stolen and used in crimes.

“This event was not a pro-gun or anti-gun event whatsoever. This was strictly about safety,” Gonzales said. “Guns aren’t dangerous. It’s the humans that use guns illegally or unsafely that are dangerous.”

Police didn’t track the identities or number of people who turned in firearms Saturday morning at First Southern Baptist Church, but Gonzales said people were lined up an hour before who were waiting to exchange weapons for $50 gift cards. Three officers, Assistant Police Chief Dale Nannenga and Gonzales collected, tagged and cataloged the firearms. [Read full article]

New Haven, Connecticut: Guns for gift cards – New Haven, Hartford take 179 weapons off the streets


Sixty guns of various shapes, sizes and lethality were laid out on plastic folding tables, arranged by size and labeled numerically with masking tape. These were the result of a one-day gun buyback program offered by the New Haven Police Department Saturday.

“The success of events like these can be measured on more than one level,” said New Haven police spokesman Dave Hartman. “The first is obvious — 60 guns have been taken out of the picture no longer to pose a threat. And their destruction will see to that.”


In both New Haven and Hartford, residents were encouraged to turn in their guns anonymously in exchange for a Stop & Shop or Walmart gift card. The guns from both buybacks will be forensically tested for DNA, fingerprints and links to any crimes. Then they’ll be destroyed at the state police armory by being crushed and melted down.

Pheonix, Arizona: Valley police exchange guns for gift cards

The anonymous, no-questions-asked event was held at three locations in Phoenix and one in Avondale. Weapons such as handguns, rifles or shotguns that were operational were exchanged for a $50 gift card to a local retailer.

Phoenix police Sgt. Thompson said that by the end of the day over 200 guns had been dropped off to police. Thompson said hundreds of rounds of ammunition were also turned in. [Read full article]

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