Former Clinton White House special counsel Lanny Davis hung up on Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg Friday after the host grilled him over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The Newsmax TV host opened up the interview by bringing up the fact that Clinton claimed that she never received a subpoena over her emails, even though Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed on Wednesday that Clinton did indeed receive one in March.

Davis went on the defensive immediately, telling Malzberg that Clinton was referring to not getting one prior to her giving her emails to the State Department.

“Why did Hillary say she never got a subpoena on CNN when there have been several subpoenas?” Malzberg asked initially.

“Okay, she said she never got a subpoena in the context of a question of whether she had a subpoena prior to her delivering the emails to the State Department,” Davis responded. “That was the question she answered. A time specific answer, she had not gotten a subpoena at that time. I think she probably misunderstood that it would be interpreted this way. But knowing Trey Gowdy, who’s never answered the question, ‘why won’t you call her publicly to testify why you won’t release the transcript of Sidney Blumenthal’s deposition. That’s what we should be talking about.”

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