Cable news network CNN was brutally mocked Wednesday after announcing a town hall this week will feature none other than 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Upon learning of the event social media users were perplexed as to why the panel would feature Thunberg, whose area of expertise is global warming hysteria.

“Amazing,” one person commented. “That deranged Swedish teenager has morphed from being the world’s top climatologist to being the world’s top epidemiologist. What next for her? Rocket science? Genetic engineering? Brain surgery?”

“Cuz a teenager best known for skipping school is who CNN considers an expert virologist,” quipped media commentator Mark Dice.

Others questioned the announcement’s authenticity, comparing it to satire from The Babylon Bee.

One person pointed out the rest of the panel, including two former Obama officials, wasn’t much better.

Trump calls them out for ignoring China & India pollution while “conservative” Hoover Institute of Stanford embraces “climate change” narrative as fact

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