A super-tiny house appeared on a busy traffic triangle in Brooklyn, N.Y., showcasing the rise of “coffin” residences as U.N. Agenda 21 takes hold across the world.

The extremely narrow house, smaller than many two bedroom apartments, was quickly built on a cement triangle between three busy streets.

“Perfect if you’d like your living room to be roughly double the width of your front door,” Margaret Eby of Brooklyn Magazine wrote.

And it highlights the trend in sub-500 square foot living brought to you by Agenda 21, which disguises poverty as “frugal living.”

Across America, cities are developing Agenda 21 “coffin apartments” with one room serving as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, built-in storage and kitchen.

“Are Austinites ready to start living in 21st century boarding houses?” Joe Lanane asked in the Austin, Texas, Community Impact Newspaper. “That is how at least one Austin developer describes micro units, small residential spaces that are less than 400 square feet.”

Micro apartments in San Francisco, Calif., are as small as 220 square feet, and to put that size into perspective, the interior of an average school bus is larger at nearly 250 square feet.

You may have also seen small “mixed use” condos being built in your city which feature retail stores on the ground floor with several residential floors above.

This is another design trend promoted by Agenda 21; these buildings are meant to keep people from traveling long distances by placing businesses within walking distance, but the stores on the ground floor typically stay vacant or are filled with businesses which seem out of place with the surrounding neighborhood.

That doesn’t matter to the globalists, however; they just want you more dependent on government-managed public transportation to better control you.

Some of the other features of Agenda 21 include but are not limited to:

  • The development of expensive and inefficient public rail systems in cities in order to increase centralized government control while also reducing the use of private transportation
  • Utilities monitored by “Smart Meters” which can be controlled remotely by public utility companies
  • The purposeful lack of easy freeway access in cities so residents remain close to their neighborhoods
  • The accelerated implementation of toll roads, especially toll roads that discourage driving by increasing prices for traveling alone or for driving in “congested” areas
  • The construction of sub-500 “coffin apartments” and tiny houses such as the aforementioned home in Brooklyn

“The [Agenda 21] plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, narrow your freedoms and take away your voice,” former city planner and Agenda 21 expert Rosa Koire said, who is the author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.

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