Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has called on Congress to legislate stricter gun laws in the wake of last week’s shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead.

“No more ‘thoughts and prayers,’ please,” Blythe wrote on his Instagram on Thursday. “You can take those and put them towards something that only God, fate, random chance, the universe, whatever you believe/do not believe in can affect — they might do some good there.”

“Instead of ‘thinking and praying,’ here’s a CONCRETE ACTION you can take — you can contact your legislators and DEMAND that there be some reasonable, common-sense gun law changes. DEMAND IT AND KEEP DEMANDING IT.”

“The time for ‘thoughts and prayers’ is long past — it’s a slap in the face of people who continue to die as a result of crazy people armed with LEGALLY obtained high-powered semiautomatic weapons, weapons that are designed for JUST ONE THING — killing human beings,” he added.

The heavy metal singer then asserted that AR-15 rifles should not be legal because they’re used for “hunting men,” not deer.

“I grew up in the country with guns in the house — these were shotguns, used for hunting,” he said. “You don’t use an AR-15 for hunting deer, you use it for hunting MEN or (apparently) CHILDREN.”

Instead of calling AR-15s “assault rifles,” which is already a misnomer, Blythe suggested calling them “Kid Killers” to drive home his message.

“Some people don’t like the term ‘assault rifle.’ Okay, cool — why don’t we call them ‘Kid Killers’ then? Is that a little better? Can we get a little KID KILLER control happening? Is it still ‘too early’ to start talking about getting these KID KILLERS off the streets? Are the students who survived the massacre in Florida and who are publicly begging us, the adults in charge of things, for gun law reform ‘politicizing’ the whole thing? Is it ‘too early’ for THEM to bring it up? Should we just tell them to shut up because they are children and don’t understand adult matters, stuff like why crazy people can easily buy assault rifles and then SHOOT THEM DEAD in the classroom?”

Blythe fails to grasp a couple of things. First, the shooter Nikolas Cruz had a long history of mental issues, violence, and trauma, and was alerted to the FBI and local authorities on numerous occasions. So this particular attack could have been easily prevented by law enforcement.

Second, Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school is a gun-free zone. So the facility already heeded the advice from anti-gun advocates, which just means a building full of people who were defenseless.

Several schools recognize the problem with gun-free zones, and are taking steps to arm their faculty should another shooting incident occur.

Perhaps Blythe should stick to growling into his mic, and heed his own lyrics when following the left’s talking points about the Second Amendment:

“This is the art of ruin.
This is the resolution
The end of all progress
The death of evolution
It bleeds all life away.”


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