An innocent motorist who refused to turn around his car Saturday in Portland when the violent leftist group Antifa blocked the street, was chased down and accused of being a racist by the unhinged agitators. Rather than reporting the truth, the media simply ran with the deranged group’s assertion that the man had ‘plowed through protesters’ with his car.

This video shows an elderly gentleman who refused to go along with the idiocy, and found a path through the blockade.

The mob chased the man down, kicking and smashing at the car with batons, while one of the leftists encouraged the others to beat him up.

It later emerged that the group searched the license plate number and then doxxed the man, making his home address public on social media. The group, calling itself ‘Portland Resistance’ claimed that the man “ran over” protesters, even though the video clearly shows he did no such thing.

Rather than accurately reporting what is clearly visible, ABC affiliate KATU News posted another angle of the incident and claimed that “A driver plowed through protesters in downtown Portland this afternoon.”

Nope, that’s still just a chicken necked idiot in a mask and hoodie, attempting to push the man’s car from the front.

Indeed, they did, as Infowars reported Monday, threatening people, and accusing them of being white supremacists as they simply attempted to go about their day.

It was quite clear which side most people landed on regarding the incident:

ANTIFA Officially Begins Carrying Out Acts Of Terrorism

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