In its ongoing mission to just veg on the sofa and watch Netflix 24 hours a day, mankind has invented a robot that can cook a wide range of meals for you which you choose via a smartphone app.

So far the robo-chef, created by Moley Robotics, has been taught how to make crab bisque, but by the time it is ready for market in 2017 it will know 2,000 dishes.

Recipes are selected via an app, with the machine being able to stir, adjust the hob, pick up bottles, pour jugs and perform other movements.

Watching the video, the dexterity of its hands are really quite impressive, though it’s a little weird that they went down the anthropomorphic route – would it not be better to create a machine which you top up with ingredients and then it churns away, rather than one that strains to look like a human?

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