By attacking GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and insulting his supporters, establishment shill Mitt Romney is actually endorsing him as an anti-establishment, populist candidate.

Video compiled by Infowars cameraman Michael Zimmermann.

Every time the mainstream media, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, the Chinese government, the Clintons, Vicente Fox, Miley Cyrus, Marco Rubio, etc. attack Trump, his popularity surges, so a new attack from a failed presidential candidate and Republican-In-Name-Only will only help Trump.

In fact, Trump’s national poll numbers may even explode past 50% as so many GOP voters hate Romney and didn’t vote for him in 2012.

Romney called Trump “a phony, a fraud” on Thursday and referred to Trump supporters as “suckers,” but considering how we already knew the establishment solicited Romney to attack Trump, how Romney previously praised Trump as a jobs creator, how Romney begged for Trump’s endorsement in 2012 and how voters overwhelmingly rejected Romney in the 2012 election he should’ve easily won, no one will take Romney’s tirade against Trump seriously except for the panicking establishment and its lapdog media.

In fact, Romney is actually encouraging Ron Paul supporters who were outraged at him stealing the 2012 nomination to back Trump, but either way, voters will simply see Romney as a dishonest backstabber who has the establishment’s – not the American voters’ – best interests in mind.

“Looks like two-time failed candidate Mitt Romney is going to be telling Republicans how to get elected… Not a good messenger,” Trump tweeted in response. “I have brought millions of people into the Republican Party, while the Dems are going down.”

“The establishment wants to kill this movement!”

And voters are already unloading on Romney.

“The Romney who refused to defend himself against Democrat attacks because he wanted to take the ‘high’ road?” One voter commented on a CBS article. “The same guy who refused to attack Obama while running against him is now concerned and needs to smear another member of his own party?”

“Go f*ck yourself you hypocrite!”

Romney’s plan to attack Trump was already well-known in advance: as we reported last week, GOP establishment donors decided last week to use Mitt Romney as ‘Plan B’ against Trump if Marco Rubio failed to gain traction on Super Tuesday.

“First they’ll ramp up an enormous, negative campaign on TV against Trump and they’re going to hit this phony Trump University issue,” GOP strategist Roger Stone revealed. “They claim to have personal dirt on Trump – I doubt that – and they are also going to try and delve into his business affairs, but if Rubio fails to grab the Florida primary, then Rubio’s out and Mitt Romney’s in.”

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