The House is in session Tuesday through Friday this week. As the title of this blog suggests, the House will address legislation dealing with the “opioid crisis.”

The major opioid  legislation the House will consider this week is H.R. 4641 and H.R. 5046. H.R. 464 is a House version of Senate legislation establishing “best practices” for pain medicine. You can read my critique of “best practices” legislation here.

H.R. 5046, the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act (H.R. 5046), establishes a new federal grant programs for states to create new treatment programs, including alternatives to incarceration, for opioid addiction.

Finding alternatives to incarceration is a worthy goal, but how is it the Federal Government’s role to fund it? And also where do we get the money? Seems like the biggest addiction problem in the United States is Congress’ addition to creating new programs and spending our money.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the House will also consider several bills on suspension of the rules, including several dealing with opioids:

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