Alex Jones has been banned from almost all major social media platforms, and now is serving a 7 day Twitter suspension for tweeting about the censorship. The Twitter suspension comes after an intense and obsessive campaign by a CNN reporter who appears to be spending every waking hour trying to get Jones banned.

Oliver Darcy, who works as a CNN senior media reporter has been writing about trying to get Jones banned for some time, and even spent time going through Alex Jones’ past tweets, trying to find something that he could report to Twitter to get Jones banned.

Darcy is constantly tweeting about Alex Jones’ activities, and it is quite clear that the CNN reporter is suffering from a derangement syndrome.

Darcy isn’t alone in his obsession with Jones, he has a CNN sidekick called Paul P. Murphy, who has been gathering intelligence on Jones and Infowars for the best part of the entire YEAR:

However, it is Darcy that is clearly the most obsessive deranged CNN freak:

He’s literally sat at a computer pressing refresh on

And listening to the Alex Jones show on repeat:

In his spare time, when he’s not tweeting about Alex, and studying Infowars, or appearing on CNN to talk about how evil Alex is, Darcy appears on basement dweller podcasts, and talks about ‘taking down Alex Jones’:

Honestly, it just goes on and on and on…

So brave.

Lets remember, however, that this isn’t some triggered leftist kid in a chat room, this is a CNN reporter being paid to monitor Alex Jones and then to lobby companies to censor and deplatform him:

Crazed MSM Have A Vendetta Against Alex Jones

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