Instead of protecting Americans from al-Qaeda and other malefactors and boogiemen over-hyped by the establishment media, the massive agency created in the wake of the 9/11 functions now primarily to intimidate Americans, acclimate them to endless police state Gestapo behavior, train them to submit to control freak authority and, most recently, function as an illegal immigrant importation agency.

Alex connects the dots on the border crisis, a wholly fabricated emergency designed to flood the country with impoverished workers to displace Americans, overwhelm the health and welfare systems with dependent children, and nudge along the process of thirdworldization as the elite level the playing field, that is to say usher in their world government with its accompanying serfdom.

The TSA is merely one aspect of the emerging police state, albeit in your face at the airport and, increasingly, at sports venues and, as previously announced, coming soon to hotels, malls, and eventually on the streets of America.

Authoritarianism cannot function without an invasive and brutal overlay. That’s what the TSA, the NSA and the surveillance state and war machine apparatus is all about.

The TSA and other aspects of the criminal Mafia state cannot be stopped dead without information that counters the propaganda cranked out by a complicit corporate media.

That’s what Alex Jones and Infowars are all about – putting information out there to stop the beast in its tracks.

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