Dave Gibson
American Chronicle
April 07, 2008

Africans were brought to this country against their will, thus breaking the laws of God. Mexicans are smuggled into this country illegally, thus breaking the laws of man. The former as well as the latter have been brought here for the purposes of cheap labor. While the issue of slavery nearly destroyed this nation 140 years ago, today’s slave trade is also wreaking havoc upon the Republic.

The ‘plantation mentality’ is alive and well throughout this country’s businesses which rely upon a non-skilled labor force. Industries such as agriculture, landscaping, hospitality, and construction have filled their ranks with illegal aliens.

In most cases, these illegal workers are paid less than even the Federal Minimum Wage ($5.35hr). In some cases, they are actually paid nothing. Unscrupulous employers exploit illegal aliens for huge profits. The illegal worker is always fearful of detection, therefore he cannot make complaints of inhuman working conditions nor of labor violations. Unlike any American citizen, the illegal alien worker has no legal recourse against unethical employers.

Often times, employers who frequently hire illegal aliens will place a dozen or more of their workers into a tiny sub-standard house or apartment (which the employer either rents in his name or owns). Every morning, a company truck arrives to transport them to the job site, and brings them home in the evening. On payday, many of those same employers deduct the costs of housing and transportation from their workers’ pay. Eager to make any amount of U.S. dollars and constantly aware of his illegal status in this country, he simply accepts the mere pittance afforded him and keeps his mouth shut.

We continue to hear American businessmen complain that Americans no longer want jobs which require hard physical labor. Those same businessmen then tell us that Mexican men will perform these jobs, therefore our economy is dependent upon the use of illegal immigrants. Prior to this nation’s Civil War, Southern plantation owners were offering much the same excuse as to why it was necessary to import and enslave Africans.

Regardless of which party is in control, the federal government will continue to turn a blind eye to the problem of illegal immigration. Of course, many American businessmen who hire illegal aliens, contribute a great deal of money to candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties. As far as the leadership of either party is concerned, there is no problem.

Just as waves of humanity daily cross our border in search of low-paying jobs–higher-paying American jobs are flowing overseas. The failure of our political leaders to retard either of those national crises, is breaking the collective back of the American worker. Our politicians are much more concerned with lining their own pockets, than they are with the plight of hard-working Americans.

Our criminal politicians have entered into a partnership with criminal businessmen. Large amounts of money, stemming from the tremendous profits made on the backs of illegal aliens are being funneled into both parties. Call it a donation, call it a bribe, the result is the same–the interests of American citizens are being ignored and our laws are being trampled upon.

Over 140 years ago, the federal government ended slavery in this country. Today however, the federal government is in business with the slave masters. Who will end this atrocity, defend our border, and restore American sovereignty?

We the people must find a way to protect our borders and restore order. We must dispense with political leaders who refuse to uphold the law and defend this nation. It is becoming painfully clear that we need a new political party, one which will enforce the laws and place the interests of American families before those of the heads of multi-national corporations.

We must elect a nationalist as president and end 21st century American slavery.

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