Europe’s immigration crisis deepened Friday as thousands of refugees began walking from a train station in Budapest, Hungary to Vienna in Austria. The final destination, according to The Guardian, is Munich, Germany.

Blocked from taking trains to the destination for security reasons, the group of mostly Syrian refugees set out on foot to travel the 105 mile route.

A social media campaign has been created to organize a convoy of private drivers to take many of the refugees to Austria, according to France 24.

The Austrian government has responded by emphasizing that aiding illegal immigration is against the law and carries an up to 5,000-euro ($5,500) fine.

Germany expects 800,000 refugees this year, up from 200,000 last year. More than 4 million more wait to enter Europe from camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

The unfolding humanitarian crisis in Europe, the largest since the Second World War, is a direct result of the effort by the United States and the Gulf Emirates to overthrow the Syrian government.

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