John Keller
Lew Rockwell Blog
October 11, 2013

First, the government despises the people. As has been amply documented, the shutdown of the national parks and monuments is a cynical ploy to punish Americans for not toeing the administration’s line. These are mostly nature preserves after all, and shutting them down has required more work than just leaving them open to the public, sans rangers. .

Second, the American public are not the looting, vandalizing hordes of unwashed masses the government would make us out to be. While I’d prefer he started at the Jefferson Memorial,here’s an unnamed American who took it on his own initiative to make sure the monuments stay maintained. The g-men obviously turn a blind eye to the “Adopt A Highway” programswhere thousands of miles of government roadway receive free maintenance from civic minded groups who clean up the trash for free, all for a little sign. Imagine the sponsorship rights to be had for maintaining the National Mall or Yellowstone! Let’s lay off all National Park rangers permanently and auction the maintenance rights (and the parks themselves while we’re at it!)

Third, the only value the Federal Government actually brings to the long suffering American people is the National Parks. Consider this – the shutdown has given them an excuse to punish the serfs for daring to elect a few “radicals” who are concerned about implementing a Soviet-style medical insurance scheme on top of $200+ Trillion in off balance sheet federal debt, and are making an issue of it. The only “service” the administration can actually shutdown that 99% of Americans give a damn about is the national parks, and even then most people are only indirectly affected. Shutdown at the EPA? Yawn. Shutdown the IRS? Yes, please! CDC? Meh. NSA, TSA, CIA, FBI, and Globally deployed military forces – We should be so lucky.

Think of the colossal waste of over $3.5 Trillion dollars a year on all this government and when push comes to shove, the best they can do is take away some nature preserves. Government is a deadly, wasteful scam with negligible tangible benefit.

This post originally appeared at the Lew Rockwell Blog.

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