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Monday, November 2, 2009

Three More Children Injected Against Parents Wishes 021109top

When does yet another “mistake” become a flagrant official disregard for parental rights? Another three children have been injected with the swine flu vaccine against their parents’ wishes as schools institute mass inoculation programs with little concern about consent.

A girl in Brooklyn suffered an allergic reaction to the H1N1 shot after nurses injected her with the vaccine without the consent of her mother, Naomi Troy.

6-year-old Nikiyah Torres-Pierre takes medicine to control her epilepsy and for this reason her mother was waiting on doctors’ advice before signing the H1N1 consent form.

However, nurses administered the shot without even checking the girl’s name against a register of pupils who had received parental consent.

“My stomach was hurting, and I was itching,” Nikiyah said after she was released from the hospital,” reports the New York Post.

Officials at Public School 335 in Crown Heights then tried to get Troy to sign a consent form after the fact in a crude attempt to hide their culpability.

“I was insulted. I was really angry. ‘You just incriminated yourself even more,’” Troy recalled thinking.

[efoods]The NY Post report also reveals that less than half of parents in New York City have consented to have their kids vaccinated, underscoring the widespread rejection of the swine flu shot despite a $16 million dollar federal government propaganda campaign to coerce people into being inoculated.

In a follow-up report yesterday, the NY Post highlighted another two separate cases where children had been vaccinated against their parents’ wishes.

Last week we reported on a boy in Ohio who received the swine flu vaccine despite the fact that his mother clearly refused consent for her child to be inoculated because of previous bad reactions to medicine.

We also highlighted the case of a 7-year-old boy in Montgomery County, who was given the nasal spray version of the H1N1 vaccine despite his father’s objections that his son should be exempted because of underlying health problems.

Despite the fact that a majority of people across the world are now refusing to be duped by the fearmongering surrounding swine flu and rejecting the vaccine, they are being lynched by officials as “extremists” who are harming public health efforts.

In reality, people are refusing to be injected because the vaccine itself, loaded with mercury, squalene and cancerous cells, is a threat to public health. The fact that privileged members of the elite have requested and been given access to vaccines that don’t contain these toxic additives proves that a two tier system is in place – one for the idiot public who the pharmaceutical companies will happily inject with poison because they have government protection against adverse reaction lawsuits, and another for members of the establishment who will propagandize all day long about the safety of the public version of the vaccine yet will refuse to take it themselves.

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