An elderly man successfully used a gun to defend himself and his wife from two violent attackers, police in Philadelphia say.

The 65-year-old man’s wife says they were walking through the residential neighborhood of Queen Village when two twenty-something males confronted them, asking, “What are you looking at?”

“What are you looking at?” the wife says her husband replied, at which point both men began to beat him.

Witnesses who live nearby corroborated the story, claiming they saw the violence unfold.

“Another witness who was walking by at the time told police the two men were standing over the 65-year-old and repeatedly kicking him,” reports

Despite the beating, the man was able to draw his legal concealed carry .45 caliber pistol and shoot his assailants, striking one in the stomach and the other in the face.

The attackers were both hospitalized, one with serious injuries, but are reportedly now in stable condition.

The man was also treated for his injuries, but has already been released. His wife was not injured during the incident.

It’s unknown whether the Philadelphia District Attorney will press charges against the man, or rule the shooting was in self defense, but the Philadelphia police lieutenant says the man is lucky to be alive.

“In any kind of situation like that, I mean the only appropriate amount of force would be to stop the aggressors,” the Philadelphia police lieutenant told NBC 10. “You can’t become the aggressor. This man is very lucky he was able to defend himself and defend his wife because we don’t know. We don’t know if he didn’t have a firearm, we don’t know what we may have been talking about at this point in time.”

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