A ticket company is telling customers who buy massively discounted seats for Broadway shows that they may have to turn up wearing Hazmat suits in order to avoid being infected with the coronavirus.

Yes, really.

A disclaimer sent out to patrons by New York Show Tickets Inc. informs them that a ticket deal to see Producer Scott Rudin’s currently sold out shows is “unprecedented” in its discounted price but “does come with the inherent risk of being exposed to the currently incurable, and possibly deadly, Coronavirus.”

The company asserts its right not to be held responsible for “any hospital costs, illnesses or death as a result of viewing a show in a Broadway theater.”

The advisory also recommends that customers wear “hazmat suits” as they will be attending a crowded venue.

One wonders whether or not the sight of an audience full of people wearing full bio-chemical hazmat gear would put off the performers.

But why anyone would want to gather in the close confines of a theater with hundreds or thousands of other people at this time is absurd, no matter how low the ticket prices.


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