Tens of thousands of children and toddlers without parents or adult guardians are surging across the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Approximately 174,000 illegal immigrants, including 52,000 children, have been arrested crossing the border since October 1, according to statistics posted by the Daily Mail. Most are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

On June 16 Infowars reporters Adan Salazar and Jakari Jackson reported on South Texas church groups working around the clock to shuttle hundreds of illegal immigrants to housing facilities, a move politically calculated to benefit the Obama administration in its deliberate plan to flood America with illegal aliens.

Infowars.com first broke the story on the Obama administration exploiting children to push the federal government’s amnesty agenda legalizing millions of immigrants illegally in the United States.

“While monitoring activity at a bus station in McAllen, Texas, Infowars witnessed several church group vans arriving throughout the day and being loaded to capacity with children (many of them without parents), before heading out to facilities nearby,” Salazar and Jackson reported.

In an effort to dampen growing media coverage of the influx of children and others illegally streaming into the United States, the Border Patrol is now restricting access by journalists to the Anzalduas International Bridge and other areas on the border in Texas.

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