Comedian Tim Allen mocks ABC for cancelling “Last Man Standing” in a sneak preview for the newly revived show’s seventh season on Fox.

Published on YouTube Tuesday, the short video shows Vanessa Baxter, played by Nancy Travis, telling her conservative husband Mike, played by Allen, pointing out a “fox” in the distance.

“I know somebody’s gonna be happy you said that three times,” a smiling Allen says in return.

The new season is set to begin on Sept. 28, a little more than one year after being cancelled by ABC.

The network claimed the highly-popular show’s end came as a result of license fee issues, while others speculated Allen’s off-air criticisms of Hollywood were to blame.

In May of this year Allen stated on Twitter that the show had returned after a massive outcry from fans.

“Thanks to all you guys for the support,” Allen said. “We are back!”

Allen said in an interview with Fox News that he looked forward to working on a show unconstrained by political correctness.

“I don’t want to be PC,” Allen said. “For all of us in the standup world, all of us, are seeing this and feeling this and it’s a little dangerous and uncomfortable that there is things you can’t say because they might hurt people’s feelings.”

Previous seasons of Last Man Standing show Allen taking jabs at liberal viewpoints and even Hillary Clinton.

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