Anti-Trump protesters were extremely violent during the inauguration in Washington DC.

TMZ was trying to ask Alex Jones a question on the street when a fight broke out because communist protesters wouldn’t let people freely travel to their destination of choice.

Not everyone took kindly to their sidewalks being blocked by thugs with bandanas covering their faces, so they took matters into their own hands…literally.

Here is another angle of the same scuffle.

The same group of communist millenials can be seen making fun of Infowars and Alex Jones until an Infowars crew member recognizes one of them from Austin, Texas, at which point they run off.

The footage below shows some bikers for Trump getting in a scuffle with a protester who is with the same communists.

Below is an example of another man who has had enough of anti-American scum stopping people from witnessing Trump’s historical inauguration.

Meet Biker Dave!

About ten seconds into the next video a fight breaks out when another biker is assaulted, which turned out to be a big mistake for the liberal protester.

In another video a female reporter for the Rebel Media is punched by a man during the Women’s March on Washington.

The women in the crowd don’t help the reporter and tell her she is “a part of the problem, not the solution.”

Apparently the solution to equality is allowing men to physically attack women as long as those women are conservatives.

A preacher was at the women’s march and got assaulted by a man who then lied to Infowars reporter Millie Weaver about the incident, despite being caught on camera.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was also assaulted at the women’s march when a young woman randomly said, “Black lives f***ing matter” and then slapped him in the face.

Infowars’ Kit Daniels compiled a video of the chaos he encountered during the inauguration.

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