“It would look bad, wasn’t right and so I didn’t go.”

JonesReport.com | March 26, 2008

The Department of Homeland Security’s first secretary, Tom Ridge, granted an interview to Gary Franchi and others at LoneLantern.org while on the McCain campaign trail, where he discussed a number of issues including 9/11, the CFR, the North American Union, the ‘Amero’ and more.

Notably, Ridge admitted he had been invited to Bohemian Grove but did not attend, commenting that the ‘elite retreat’ was "for eagles; I run with the sparrows."

Ridge elaborated, "I know a lot of people who’ve gone out there, some of them are friends of mine. I was invited once when I was Secretary of Homeland Security and the last place I want to be at Homeland Security is the Bohemian Grove– it would look bad, wasn’t right and so I didn’t go."

At least the former Pennsylvania governor notes that public servants discussing policy at private (occultic) retreats with international figures is worth avoiding, if only for appearances.

Ridge also denied membership but confirmed taking advice from the Council on Foreign relations. He brushed off calls re-open the 9/11 investigation ("This is like the Twilight Zone"). He also expressed approvals for "biometrics" yet swore "1000 times no" to RFID-chipped driver’s licenses, citing privacy issues.

Watch the interview.


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