Tommy Robinson, one of the boldest anti-Islam advocates in Britain, tore into Islamapologists and leftists who interrupted an interview he was delivering to Rebel Media at the site of Wednesday’s jihadist attack in London.

Robinson was speaking with an equally impassioned Caolan Robertson about the day’s horrific events, of which Robinson has warned constantly for years, as the Islamization of Britain continues unchecked.

“This isn’t a shock to me – I don’t understand people who are surprised by this… we are at war,” he began. “We have over 3,000 Muslims who are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the cost of nine billion pounds a year.”

“We’re following them, waiting for them to do this.”

“We have had 450 ISIS fighters [who have] been allowed to return to our country,” he continued. “They’ve gone and fought for ISIS; they’ve been in training camps; they’ve been beheading people; they’ve been raping people, and they’re walking the streets of our capital city – they’re living with us.”

A crowd had formed around Robinson and Robertson, and a reporter came forward to challenge Robinson, asking how he could be so “quick” to determine the massacre was an act of terrorism.

“Because my head isn’t up my ass,” Robinson responded. “This is an Islamic jihad attack. The man who has done this would either have been radicalized in the prisons, or radicalized in the streets of the U.K. with the full knowledge of our government and our security services.”

“They will know who he is.”

Robinson has been proven absolutely spot-on, as Prime Minister May admitted that MI5, the British intelligence and ‘security’ agency, knew exactly who the jihadist was well-ahead of time, even saying he had been investigated in the past for “violent extremism.”

“His identity is known to the police and MI5 and, when operations allow he will be publicly identified. He was British born and some years ago he was investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,” she told Parliament.

Robinson took the reporter to school, explaining that truck-jihad has been specifically instructed and promoted by the al-Qaeda terrorism magazine, Inspire, and has already been carried out many times in Europe and Israel in recent months.

“Driving your car, like this man has done, is exactly what’s [in] Inspire magazine – which is al-Qaeda’s magazine, which was downloaded by 50,000 British Muslims last year,” he said. “50,000 British Muslims downloaded a terrorist manual in our country.”

“50,000 people want to see exactly what you see there,” he shouted, pointing at the slaughter site. “They want war, they want death, they want destruction – and we keep on pandering, like you just came up to me, saying ‘it’s got nothing to do with Islam.’

“It’s got everything to do with Islam.”

“The reality is, this is a war,” he declared. “This has gone on for 1,400 years – this is nothing new, and the whole time this is going on, police leaders and political leaders want to invite more.”

At this point, Robinson walked away in frustration, while the Rebel’s Robertson continued, as onlookers could be seen and heard smiling and laughing, which Robertson addressed with disgust.

“Is this really a time to laugh?” he asked one giggling woman. “There’s a f**king terrorist attack – it’s so shocking that you would laugh at something like this.”

“This country has been f**ked by people like this who thinks it’s hilarious [when] anybody criticizes Islam, and that they’re some ‘scummy, lower class racist.'”

“The people who speak out against this, are the ones who are trying to prevent it,” Robertson went on. “And every single one of you who think this is funny – the blood is on your f**king hands, for turning a blind eye to all of this.”

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