As hundreds of supporters gathered around London’s Old Bailey Courthouse awaiting the sentencing of Tommy Robinson, the British patriot made one last plea for help to President Trump.

UK online newspaper Publick Occurrences caught Tommy on his way into the courthouse on Thursday to ask, “What is your message to Trump?”

“Our freedoms are gone. Don’t stand by and watch. If this was another country, other than Britain, everyone would be intervening,” Robinson replied.

“Do you think he’ll grant you asylum?” Publick Occurrences asked, to which Tommy responded, “My family needs asylum. We genuinely need asylum.”

“This has been a political persecution, a witch-hunt, by people who want to kill me, but it’s orchestrated by my own government,” he continued.

Next, Robinson was asked, “Do you think they’re gonna kill you in prison?”

“I do. I just had to kiss my children goodbye like it’s the last time I’ll see them,” he admitted.

Watch the interview below:

Robinson was sentenced to nine months in prison on Thursday and will likely serve 10 weeks after being charged with contempt of court for covering the trial of a Muslim rape gang.

Hundreds, possibly over a thousand, supporters gathered outside the courthouse and chanted, “we want Tommy out,” and “pedo protectors,” in protest of Robinson’s sentencing.

Chaos ensued as protesters, counter-protesters and police clashed outside the London courthouse.

Watch below as a man violently swings a metal bar at reporters:

In the next video, smoke bombs are set off as the crowd shouts the famous, “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson” chant.

See images from outside the courthouse below and scroll to the bottom of this page to watch Robinson’s recent interviews with Alex Jones and David Knight.

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