August 25, 2011

Infowars Nightly News - August 25, 2011 Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones

A 45 minute Infowars Special Report with Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell airs tonight from 7:15-8 PM CST for members. Alex covers the latest on Libya, the carbon tax shutdown of coal plants, Homeland Security’s latest flying taser drones and much more. Special guest Lew Rockwell, former campaign manager for Ron Paul, breaks down the Texas Congressman’s rise in 2012 presidential polls, the entrance of establishment favorite Gov. Rick Perry, the End of the Dollar and much more.

Next week the full launch of begins, with Infowars Nightly News airing five times per week starting September 1st, as well as regular Special Reports, exclusive interviews and more. Thanks you for supporting alternative media; spread the word and visit today to become a member.


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