Kim M.
Planet Infowars
January 27, 2014

1) Aggressive/continuous recruitment by leadership/members

2) Loyalty oaths/membership applications/agreements/contracts required

3) Minimum money/resource/labor/attendance commitments required

4) Charismatic/charming leadership personality (by one person, or an impenetrable core group)

5) Autocratic/authoritarian leadership style (by one person, or an impenetrable core group)

6) Top-down/hierarchical/pyramidal command/control structure – sometimes all the way down to the individual level (cf. “shepherding movement”)

7) Everyone is “positive” and “friendly” – other attitudes/emotions disallowed

8 ) Culture of consensus/shunning – questioning/bucking authority disallowed – non- conformists pushed out via peer pressure and/or formally expelled via great fanfare (i.e. made an “example” of)

9) Busywork – continuous/increasing performance of tasks/duties required, no matter how trivial/time-consuming/futile

10) Isolation – a pervasive “Us vs. Them” mentality required – “outsiders” are shunned (even family and friends), especially former members and contacts who are resistant to recruitment

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