The top five states with highest taxes in the nation are all Democratic “tax and spend” states.

And, not surprising, four out of the five have the most amount of people moving out of the state, according to a United Van Lines survey.

Data analyzed by the financial group 24/7 Wall St. reveals that the top five states with the highest tax burdens are:

5) Illinois
4) California
3) New Jersey
2) Connecticut
1) New York

And the top five states people are fleeing are:

5) Kansas
4) New York
3) Connecticut
2) Illinois
1) New Jersey

While not in the top 10, California still had nearly 55% of residents moving out compared to 45.6% of people moving in, according to the survey, which is slightly edged out by #10 Michigan.

Kansas, on the other hand, has above average taxes and, according to the survey, residents are leaving the state to take jobs elsewhere.

“These numbers reinforce what has become a well-entrenched trend of US residents moving from high-tax states to low tax states,” reported “In fact, among the top-ten states that the largest number of Americans have fled, seven of the ten are states which rank among the top 15 states for the worst tax burdens, according to the Tax Foundation’s most recent report on state and local taxation.”

Case in point, last month New Jersey moved to enact a “rain tax” on property owners by charging property owners a fee for their parking lots and driveways, or any other surface rainwater can’t penetrate.

The state is already prohibitively expensive for the middle class, and because more people have fled New Jersey than any other state in 2018, the rain tax will likely force even more people to leave.

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