The elite’s greatest power lies in their ability to convince the world that they are unreachable to the average man and woman. Watch everyday citizens shatter this illusion by confronting the power elite’s tyranny head on.

Nancy Pelosi and the NSA

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was at a loss for words when asked about her unflinching support of the NSA by teenage activist Andrew Demeter.

When approached about her voting record in regards to the NSA’s domestic and warantless data collection, Pelosi did what politicians do best – divert and blame.

“I, I, do not, I have questions about the metadata collection that they were, uh, collecting unless they had a reason to do so, so I found, uh, so I was one, I didn’t, I didn’t support, Amash – that resolution,” Pelosi said.

Making major headlines, the 16-year-old showed just how easily the foundations of tyranny can be shaken.

“If I — a shy, socially inept high-school student — can expose on a global scale the paradox that is politics, by asking nothing more than a question, then so too can you,” said Demeter.

John Kerry and Skull and Bones

While attending a public forum in 2007, University of Florida student Andrew Meyer confronted former Senator and current Secretary of State John Kerry on his membership with Skull and Bones, an occultist secret society and fraternity at Yale University.

Even before finishing his question, Meyer was stormed and assaulted by police armed with tazers, spawning the timeless phrase “Don’t taze me bro.”

Although Meyer was attacked for his speech, his confrontation went on to acquire millions of views online, exposing not only John Kerry but the dire state of the First Amendment as well.

Bill Clinton and Bohemian Grove

In 2007, an activist named Brian used a Bill Clinton speech in Minneapolis to further expose the elite’s favorite retreat – the Bohemian Grove.

Playing on the sexual predator’s egotistical nature, Brian was able to enrage the former President just enough to get him to mention the Grove’s very real existence.

“Did you say the Bohemian Club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right?” Clinton mocked, ignoring his own involvement.

Although reports on the mysterious summer hideout have made headlines before, similar incidents such as Brian’s have worked to peek the public’s interest.

BONUS: Alex Jones Confronts David Gergen

While attending the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, Alex Jones stumbled upon David Gergen, a political adviser to four U.S. Presidents.

Gergen, a long-time member of the Grove, became furious after Alex asked him about the club’s occult ritual known as the “Cremation of Care.”

“That’s none of your damn business!” Gergen said.

Sensing his defeat, Gergen cowered into the crowd, infuriated that his secret satanic proceedings had been exposed.

In our current age of cell phone cameras and social media, will you be the next patriot to bring down the elite’s facade?

You are the resistance.

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