AWR Hawkins
December 30, 2013

Despite the never ending gun control push by the Obama administration, Senate Democrats, and gun control organizations during 2013, there were huge pro-gun moments.

Breitbart News has compiled what we believe were the top five from 2013.

Number five on the list is the lopsided win NRA-backed Virginia delegates secured over delegates backed by Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) on November 5. Out of 67 delegate races, NRA-backed candidates won 65.

Number four on the list is the signal Chambersburug, PA, residents sent on November 5 when they voted Mayor and MAIG-member Pete Lagiovane (D) out of office and replaced him with Darren Brown (R). Throughout the campaign season Brown assured voters that one of his first acts as Mayor will be to get Chambersburg “off the [MAIG] list.”

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