Going into the weekend, Google users searching for information on Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton want to know which theaters are showing the documentary “Hillary’s America,” a film breaking down the Clintons’ master takedown plan of the US.

Google Trends’ official Twitter account reported Friday afternoon most users interested in Hillary over the past day are searching: “Where is Hillary’s America movie playing?” indicating people around the globe are keen to learn more about the former First Lady’s scandals.

The second most searched query in the past 24 hours asked what Hillary has accomplished.

While the documentary has been well received among regular movie-goers, grossing more than $11.4 million in four weeks, critics have attempted to downplay its popularity.


On the popular film review site Rotten Tomatoes, audiences gave the film a 4.3 out of 5 rating with 84% saying they liked the movie. Critics reviewing for the site, on the other hand, gave it a dismal rating of 1.5 out of ten, with 4% saying they liked it.

“The Left unleashed a whole battery of critics who tried to bash the film into submission through Rotten Tomatoes and through basically misrepresenting what the film is about,” the film’s director Dinesh D’Souza told The Alex Jones Show in late September. “The great thing is we’ve had people see, they love it, they go nuts, they tell other people. Our film is already in the top ten political documentaries of all time, in one week.”

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