Over the years Infowars has had the privilege of speaking to some of the world’s most well-renowned whistleblowers. Re-watch, or watch for the first time, these powerful interviews and help spread the truth!

Top NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney Warns of America’s Decent into Facism

Former NSA technical director turned whistleblower William Binney joined the Alex Jones Show last December to break down America’s increasingly swift descent into a fascist state.

Binney, a 36-year veteran of the NSA, detailed multiple aspects of the agency’s current agenda, including its attempt to gain “total population control.”

Doctor Exposes Massive Ebola Coverup

A Dr. James Lawrenzi exclusively revealed to Infowars last October that patients exhibiting symptoms of the Ebola virus were being “disappeared” out of hospitals without notice.

“These patients are disappearing, they’re doing something with the patients and God knows where they’re going,” he said.

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst Reveals Forensic Fraud at FBI Crime Lab

Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI crime lab from 1986-98, achieved a great deal of media attention during the 1990s for blowing the whistle at the FBI Lab.

He investigated, uncovered and reported scientific misconduct which forced the FBI crime lab to agree to forty major reforms, including undergoing an accreditation process.

DEA Whistleblower Exposes Dept of Justice Corruption

Robert Mazur successfully infiltrated the Medellin Cartel in Columbia and revealed startling connections to corrupt mega banks.

Wachovia, Wells Fargo and countless others continue to get a slap on the wrist for knowingly laundering laundering drug money for crime syndicates worldwide.

Iran Contra Whistleblower Exposes Benghazi and Government Drug Running

Iran-Contra Whistleblower Tosh Plumlee discusses his history of clandestine gun running for the CIA and the Obama administrations connection to the Benghazi terror attack.

Despite panicked attempts by the corporate press to downplay the event, countless whistleblowers including Plumlee exposed the real details.

To hear even more interviews with top whistleblowers, visit the Alex Jones YouTube Channel.

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