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Concentration Camps in America

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Recent Big Brother News Headlines
Tokyo airport to Face Scan at E-check in
Big Brother takes control of traffic
Microchip implant company Applied Digital Solutions faces delisting
Post Office Wants to ID the Mail
'Smart stamps' next in war on terrorism
Defense Department drafts RFID policy
Big Brother at your tailpipe? Agency calls for smog sensors
Students' privacy rights open to debate
Smart shopping carts to roam grocery stores of future
UK: Secret MoD plan to create spy stations
Georgia Won't Join Anti-Terror Database
Georgia won't give driver data to Matrix
RFID Chips out of fashion at Prada
Super-Radar, Done Dirt Cheap
Who's watching you?
UK: Workers strike over 'Big Brother' monitoring system
Matrix system would put privacy on endangered list
Web Cameras Monitor Class Activity
UK: Legal threat to snooping laws
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority to put cameras in rail cars, buses in 2006
Backed by the National Foundation of Investigations of Robbed and Missing Children, Mexican distributor of VeriChip launches a service to implant microchips in children as an anti-kidnapping device
L.A. lifeguards tout beach cameras
RFID Moves into Public Library
Spy-cams don’t belong in schools
Using fear to justify total control
Canada: High-tech targets bad bar customers
Security cameras watch Lely school
Spying on your teens via satellite for $600
Air-traveler screening, privacy concerns collide
Black Boxes in Rental Cars
Loving Police State Tracking Systems for Your Children
Pentagon plans 'defence blimps'

Big Brother mobile phone can track you to within 50m

Big Brother Is Just Fine with Barry McCaffrey


911:  The Road to Tyranny

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