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Welcome to our archive page of recent articles related to the Police State. Please note, these articles are not archived locally, so some of the links will break as they are removed from their original servers. If you come across a broken link, we suggest you do a general search or a search using a news search engine like to find the article you are looking for. Try copying the headline into the search engine.

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Recent Police State Headlines
Nearly Everything That People in the U.S. Eat Will Soon Have to Be Registered With Government
Looking through walls with portable, briefcasesized devices -- for your safety of course: EXPLOITATION OF MILLIMETER WAVES FOR THROUGH-WALL SURVEILLANCE DURING MILITARY OPERATIONS IN URBAN TERRAIN
UK: New ID cards let parents spy on what kids eat
National Geographic's proganda piece trying to normalize the police state
What a thrill! New season of police state progaganda promoting torture kicks off
Scottish Police plan national database of children at risk of abuse
Police chiefs back proposals for British FBI
Federal bill would trump California's privacy law
Venture to Offer Voluntary Police State ID Card for Use by Sheeple at Security Checks
Cashless Society: Sony Studying Ways to Embed Cell Phones
Student expelled over diary
8-year-old receives ticket
Design a Global ID card, win a trip to Cape Town
Norway's national smoking ban
RFID authentication for passports & ID cards
Ashcroft is resolute in his defense of the Patriot Act
Patriot Act produces ethnic group protests
High Court to Decide Right to Refuse ID
12-Year-Old Targetted by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for Researching the Bay Bridge
Senators see privacy concerns in Pentagon's data collection
UK Minister presses ID cards
NY Pols rebelling against Patriot Act
What fear is doing to our freedoms
Senators join forces to roll back parts of Patriot Act
Craig: Congress Must Change Patriot Act
The Sad Tale of a Security Whistleblower
Canadian Farmer Stands up to Biometric ID
New Intelligence Agency Modelled after British MI5 Being Considered
Virginia Beach is last U.S. city scanning faces
Behind the Iron Curtain
UK: Anger at £1.30-a-mile road toll plan
Legislative Battle Predicted for Patriot II
Read Alex Jones' Award Winning Analysis of the Secret Patriot Act II
Secret Service Confiscates Journalist's Notes, Then Apologizes
EU plans biometric visa divide
US clears drug cure for killers on death row
US Begins UAV border-surveillance flight tests
Blind, Disabled Woman Claims Police Brutality

Torture-Advocate (see archived article) Dershowitz Travels to Canada to Propagandize for "Volontary" National ID Card

Canada: ID card bolstered
FL Sheriff Rolls Out New GPS System
FL Patriot Act protest scheduled for park
Pentagon surveillance blimp is 25 times size of Goodyear's
UK's Blunkett thinks big as the prison population soars
U.S. Gift to Britain: The Model of a Modern Cop
Japanese city plans GPS tracking system for children in wake of teen abduction
Biometric data to appear on EU passports
9th District court rules Federal DNA law unconstitutional
Secret Subpoenas: What Patriotism Means to Ashcroft
Driving dangerously with the Patriot Act
Librarians Talk Patriot Act Strategy
Are You Ready For A Militarized Police Force?
Chicago Asks Congress To Rethink Patriot Act

Patriot Act kicks in at banks today

Bush asks for more power to fight terrorism

FBI bypasses First Amendment to nail a hacker

Interpol Plans Anti-Terrorism Database
Federal training exercise terrifies townspeople
CIA pursues video game
U.S. Uses Terror Law to Pursue Crimes From Drugs to Swindling
Australia: Hill backs training terrorism-linked unit
Video: Alex Jones Helps Austin Defeat Patriot Act
Austin Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution

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