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Welcome to our archive page of recent articles related to the Police State. Please note, these articles are not archived locally, so some of the links will break as they are removed from their original servers. If you come across a broken link, we suggest you do a general search or a search using a news search engine like to find the article you are looking for. Try copying the headline into the search engine.

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November 2003 Police State News Headlines featured on
American armed forces are assuming major new domestic policing and surveillance roles
Expanded Patriot Act Reach Would Hit The Net, Too
FBI Publicly Denies Spying on Protesters
Cigar Aficionado's Interview with General Tommy Franks
Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack
UK: ID cards plan within 10 years
Text: the Queen's speech
UK: Terror threat sparks new powers
US civil rights groups accuse Bush govt of engaging in Orwellian tactics
Miami reporter unclear why she was arrested at FTAA protest
Anti-terror powers watered down
Blair plans law that will make it a criminal offense to criticize government policy
UK: Plan to Suspend Human Rights in the Event of a Terrorist Attack
UK: unprecedented peacetime move that would see the streets of Britain flooded with armed police
Global Police State: EU may strike deal on US information demand
He respected the badge, but `not in Miami'
Newsweek: FBI Using Patriot Act to Snoop Your Financial Records
FBI let innocents get death sentences: report
Patriot Act stifles dissent on campus
Australian Police State: NZ Prime Minister Frisked
Rights groups slam FBI watch on antiwar rallies
Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack
NYPD to Have Access to Interpol Data
Bush pushes for cybercrime treaty
Judge: Police Trick to Obtain DNA OK
Miami Puts on Battle Gear for Trade Protests 
Speedy trial guarantees to be suspended in Miami for trade talks
Canada to Create domestic security unit -- Concept would be similar to U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Miami: Armored Vehicles Patrol Quiet, Empty Streets
U.S. Carries Out Terror Drill in Arizona
State Holds Terrorism Drill at Port Newark, New Jersey
Public safety agencies take part in 'perfect' terrorism drill
Terrorism Drill at Farmingdale State
UK: Criminals to be tagged
A life turns upside down in post-9/11 FBI raid
British parents set to lose right to smack children
Answers elusive in school raid
Seat belt laws draw criticism
Gore Vidal skewers Bush, Ashcroft and the whole lot of us for letting despots rule
UK: National ID cards in doubt as Scots opt out
F.B.I.'s Reach Into Records Is Set to Grow
U.S. foreign travelers to be fingerprinted
Officials step up monitoring of anti-war groups
Storm swirls around drug sweep
Internet censorship coming to a computer near EU
German state plans headscarf ban
Devices that read human thought now possible, study says
UK National ID: Big Brother may soon be watching
UK: The multicultural thought police
Singapore puts Draconian thumbscrews on PC use
What Would Andy Do?
Gore Blasts PATRIOT Act, Which Mirrors His 10-Year-Old Plan
Supporters attend pre-trial hearing of Oakland Port Protesters
HAARP Facility to Quadruple Power
School Raid Caught on Tape
S.C. Probes High School Drug Sweep
PATRIOT ACT: Law's use causing concerns
Bipartisan SAFE Act Aimed at Reigning In PATRIOT Act
UK: Queen's speech to pave way for ID cards
UK's Blunkett outlines biggest shake-up of police forces for 30 years
Anti-war activist charged for 'misusing phone' to protest to US
Terrorist drill covers sea
Hey kids! The New World Order is so much fun! Check out the latest Police State video game: SWAT -- Global Strike Force
Security collides with civil liberties
Police State Russia: Putin oversees rise of security apparatus
Largest-ever mock terror exercise staged in Britain
Ridge: U.S. and E.U. Should Pioneer Biometrics
14-Yr old Suspended for "Patriotic" Stick Figure

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