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Concentration Camps in America

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Welcome to our archive page of recent articles related to the Police State. Please note, these articles are not archived locally, so some of the links will break as they are removed from their original servers. If you come across a broken link, we suggest you do a general search or a search using a news search engine like to find the article you are looking for. Try copying the headline into the search engine.

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Propaganda of the Police State: George Bush as Hero

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Sept 2003 Police State Headlines Featured on
Congress Puts Brakes on CAPPS II
Government wants file on every child in England
Eye scanner introduced to test for drugs in the workplace
Lawmaker Refutes Ashcroft on Libraries
Patriot Act draws criticism
Liberty in the balance: Citizens across the U.S. speak out
Ashcroft Reducing Plea Bargain Discretion
We're all (egg-wielding) terrorists now
Patriot Act Used In 16-Year-Old Deportation Case
KS: DNA law raises privacy issues
Australia: Spy camera test
Pentagon to pay millions for Scots’ robot soldiers
Patriot Act, Part II
U.S., Europe clash over access to passenger data
UK's Blunkett's National ID card plans 'flawed'
Harvard University Says Anyone 'Fighting A New World Order' Is A Neo-Nazi Al-Qaeda Sympathiser
Flashback: Defense Department funding brain-machine work
Website owners face prosecution if they do not comply with disabled user-friendly guidelines
Crowds Protest Patriot Act During Ashcroft's Visit
“Imperial Death March” accompanies Ashcroft into Boston meeting
ABC's New 'Threat Matrix' Drama Features Script Where Homeland Security Run Around Washington D.C. with a Nuclear Warhead
'Threat Matrix' Preview
Administration Creates Center for Master Terror 'Watch List'
Flashback: Patriot Act of 2001 casts wide net
New Terror Laws Used Vs. Common Criminals
Inside ‘The Wire’ at Guantanamo
Ridge to appeal to citizenry for thoughts on homeland security
Cops Raid Wrong Home, Taser Man in Front of Wife, Child
IBM sued over 'implant' microchip
AZ Public meeting on Patriot Act criticized over limited seating
Terror laws are 'needless totalitarianism'
EU renews attack on privacy
UK: Rise in the number of speed cameras
Liberty Bushwhacked
Computers that know how you feel
Terror Law Nabs Common Criminals
New 'Bin Laden' videotape warns of real battle to come
President Asks for Expanded Patriot Act
Bush seeks new legal powers to fight terror
Bush Urges More Police Powers Vs. Terror
Big Brother Set to Guard a TV Near You
Hall Monitors or Spies? Wireless Tech to Track Building Occupants, Aid in Evacuations
The snoop in your coupe
Liberty plans court action after protesters held under terror act
Anti-terror laws increasingly used against common criminals
City mass evacuation drawn up
Terror plan to empty London
London could be evacuated if attacked
ABC Propaganda Series to Air in the Fall
Propaganda of the Police State: George Bush as Hero
US out to create global police state
London undergoes terror test
UK Police seek DNA record of everyone
NZ Motorists face travel tax and 'Big Brother' microchip law enforcement
Japan: chips in new passports to store face info

Big Brother takes grip on America

New York Times Gives Propaganda Backing Ashcroft's Propaganda Tour
Anti-Bush Protesters Exiled to Distant Zones
Homeland Security: Al Qaeda planning new U.S. attacks
'Big Government' Getting Bigger Under Bush
OH: Bush Protestors Line the Street
Victory Act would be no victory for public
Oklahoma wheels out the lastest version of its localized biometric national ID
Selling your personal data
WHO to Launch SARS Surveillance System
Applied Digital Solutions Announces Third Quarter Sales of over 2,700 Subdermal VeriChips and More Than 80 VeriChip Scanners to Exclusive Distributors in Several Countries

Suicidal teen shot in front of his parents after they called the police for help had 10 gunshot wounds

Absurd: New push for gun control in wake of warehouse shootings
Parents battle with state over child's chemotherapy
MIT to uncork futuristic bar code
Ron Paul: Trust Us, We're the Government
Regulating Vitamins
Neocon O'Reilly Shows His Real Feathers in This Op-Ed Propagandizing for the Police State: Cameras in schools? Go for it!
Shamed: St. Paul mayor orders amnesty for pop stand run afoul of city rules
Patriot Act Con: Feds Use Fear To Grab Power Of A Police State
Ashcroft to Defend Ban on Some Abortion Protests
Ashcroft's Patriot Act Summer Tour
Minn. Authorities Shut Down 4- 7-Year-Old's Pop Stand
10 Teen-Aged Girls Strip Searched at School
Another Unintended Victim of the USA Patriot Act
Patriot Act debate planned in Ariz.
Protests Follow Ashcroft's Propaganda Tour
Victory Act no triumph for freedom lovers
Torture the New American Virtue: We Have Ways of Making You Talk
Camp X-Ray and How Torture Is Being Pushed and Being Made "Acceptable" by the Mainstream Media
Guantanamo: Growth at base shows firm stand on military detention
Military building new camp at Guantanamo Bay
Department of Homeland Security has 1 in 12 federal employees
When family calls police for help with their suicidal teen, the police shoot him before their eyes
Protesters gearing up for Ashcroft's Patriot Act tour
Ashcroft Visit To Draw Protest
Iowa: Policy Cancelled Disallowing Elementary School Students from Talking During Lunch
Your cell phone is now a tracking device
Tracking the Homeless: "Homeless Management Information Systems"
Sept 2003 Global Police State Headlines from
Australia: Hill backs training terrorism-linked unit
Video: Alex Jones Helps Austin Defeat Patriot Act
Austin Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution
UK: 'Snooper' powers to fight terror
UK: Student challenges use of terror act
Personal privacy being destroyed in the name of public safety
'Big Brother' smart tags in stores face legal battle
UK Public urged to avoid biometric trial
Biometric passport 'back door to ID cards'
Canada Bans Smiling for Passport Photos
US-Saudis 'plan anti-terror force'
Scots social workers 'snatch' US toddler
Marketing the Tracking Technology as Something Great and Convenient for You, Conditioning You to Accept Total Monitoring and Taxation
UK: 'Spy' plans for new cars
Machines will make criminal of every driver
Blair forced to scale back his plan to introduce GM farming
Tesco ends trial of CCTV spy chip on razor blades a

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