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culture propaganda: The London Guardian linked to this piece with the headline: "The comatose woman tearing the US apart." How awful for establishment mouthpieces like the Guardian: Terri's case has drawn attention to the death culture! It's all the troublesome Christian Right's fault! And, of course, despite the obvious video evidence of her responsiveness (if you haven't seen this, you must go and watch the clips), the Guardian completely glosses over her real situation and state to once again reiterate the lies of Michael Schiavo and his attorneys. This is sickening stuff. Ya'll be quiet and go eat your Soylent Green, okay?... has received Reports from all over the country that different news outlets reported on the Austin protest of Vicente Fox's visit. below is a small sampling of what has been sent to us. Have a news tip? Email us at

Protesting Vicente Fox and Standing Up for US Sovereignty
In Austin, Texas

(Alex Jones and others protest Vicente Fox's visit to austin texas -- click on photo to go to the original)

Reuters Admits Protest Led by Alex Jones Disrupted Fox's Speech


"A demonstrator yells into a bullhorn during a protest against Mexican President Vicente Fox ( news - web sites )'s visit to Austin, Texas, outside the governor's residence, November 5, 2003. The small but noisy group of demonstrators disrupted Fox's speech as he arrived at the governor's residence. Fox is on a three day visit to border states in the southern U.S. to discuss imigration issues."

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