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Manchurian Sniper: This is the Face of Mind Control

Sniper suspect: 'I had nothing to do with these crimes'


It was not clear why Muhammad decided to fire his court-appointed lawyers, who declined to comment and are serving as standby counsel and would assist Muhammad if he asks.


(archive)Today is the day Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is scheduled to be removed. Despite video evidence that she is responsive to her parents, and multiple appeals to protect her life, her husband, who stands to gain financially off of her death, and who has continually refused Terri any kind of rehabitational care has been able to get the Florida legal system behind his insistence to have her killed by dehydration.

Her parents, in a last desperate move to have the truth be known about their daughter and to protect her from state-sactioned murder released a videotape to disprove her husband's contention that she is in a "persistent vegetative state," as is required by Florida law to end her life. The release of this videotape defies a court order, and, as a result, the Schindlers are being denied access to their daughter as she lays being killed by dehydration.

(read the husband's attorney's letter)

UPDATED! -- The full story on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Self-proclaimed Wannabe Dictator

Since we first researched Arnold and wrote the article below, even more amazing revelations have surfaced and then been confirmed concerning his frightening character. Here are just a few of the developments...'s Arnold Section -- Click Here
The top secret elite club that backs Arnold. What is Bohemian Grove? -- the occult ritual and the ultra-elite society -- click here
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Judge Greer's e-mail address:

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Judge will not delay feeding tube removal
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Schwartzenegger's supporters convinced that he will one day be President
The Wall Street Journal Seduced by Sleazy Schwarzenegger
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Dollar tumbles to fresh low against the euro

Dems to revive draft demand

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Mayor Street's office bugged
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Black Box Voting: Vote Tampering in the 21st Century
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Jacksonville tot who spent 2 1/2 weeks alone released from hospital
Band Vows To Defy New St. Pete Law With Onstage Suicide
New law passed to block concert suicide
White House Rejects Independent Counsel for Leak
Army Reserve fears troop exodus
Playing the Numbers Game to Make Absurd Expenditures More Palatable: Military stashes covert millions
Big Increase Seen in People Lacking Health Insurance
Former Penn State University environmental microbiologist assaults teen, smears blood on passengers on a flight from Philadelphia to England
Consumer Confidence Plummets in September
The people speak: Arizona voters overwhelmingly want to cut off services to illegals
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