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Recent World News Headlines
UK: Women are denied surgery for cancer 'if they are over 70'
Beijing tries to snuff out public suicide
NZ split as GM freeze expires
Singapore Hosts World Stem Cell Gathering
Inquiry opened into "mercy killing" of disabled French man who also wrote book about right to die
Lady Diana's Secret Video Diary Reveals Her Grave Concerns About 'Assassination by Motor Vehicle'
Israeli airline El Al installs anti-missile system on some planes
Family to end life support for student shot by Israelis
Nazi gas link halts Holocaust memorial<
Wackenhut denies its employees are CIA agents plotting to overthrow Venezuela's Chavez

Storm over Italy crucifix ruling

Anti-terror smallpox jabs leave dozens ill
Russia's child alcoholics get their own clinic
Senate Approves Easing of Curbs on Cuba Travel
US 'undermined Chile's democracy'
‘CIA plotting to topple Venezuelan govt’
Bush Heckled in Australia as He Defends Iraq War
Australia: Two Anti-War Senators Protest Bush Speech
Nervous Nikkei plunges by 5%
Al-Fayed challenges Duke to sue over Diana Claims
Deadly smallpox not eradicated, scientist warns
Chavez allies say video proves CIA plotted coup
Buckingham Palace asks to see butler's book
Senior Israeli pilot condemns air strikes that hit civilians
Online Poll: 62% Think Diana Was Murdered
Pope Beatifies Mother Teresa Before Huge Crowd
Diana 'feared car accident plot'
Princess Diana wrote letter warning "they" were going to try and kill her in a car crash
Blair eases off after heart scare
Torture now routine for Putin's police
Monsanto Retreats from Europe Ahead of GM Report
UK: Prepare for winter blackouts, warns National Grid
US urges Palestinian crackdown
Portugal shamed by child sex
China Poised for Historic Space Launch
GM activists parade in London
JI leader al-Ghozi executed to impress Bush?
French Ministry opens euthanasia debate
Russian School Syllabus to Contain Basic Military Drills
Moving Towards a Cashless World: Cell Phones Now Debit Cards in S. Korea
China tightens security at launch center as manned space flight nears
Mountain May Be Named for Schwarzenegger
More US Soldiers Remains Found in NK
Italy's Berlusconi pushes for more power
German Sources Say Russia Might Price Its Oil in Euros
French newssite reports Arafat 'dead'
Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide
Europe's Largest Ampitheater after the Collisseum Unearthed: Blood and Spain, say site diggers
Russia considers using nuclear weapons
Firefighters save Rothschild country home
Flashback: Arnold & Buffett's 2002 Rothschild Rendezvous

World oil and gas 'running out'

China inches closer to manned space mission
Italy baby-cash aims to boost births
Danish psychologist calls for selective breeding
Arafat breakdown: Feared he had been poisoned
Would you want your teenage daughter to read this? No way, says outraged Geldof
North Korea tests chemical weapons on humans

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