The ongoing threat of dangerous tornadoes was forecast from Florida up to the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday — part of a storm system that has killed at least three people, demolished homes and left tens of thousands without power.

Tornado watches were in effect across parts of Florida and Georgia overnight, while damaging high winds were possible all the way from the Gulf Coast up to parts of the Northeast.

A total of 30 twisters were reported Tuesday, the National Weather Service said, including one that traveled around two miles in Pensacola, Florida, smashing into an apartment complex at about 8:15 p.m. ET.

“It’s just a war zone,” said city resident Shawn Brown, 34. “There’s just bits and pieces of things all over, trees are shredded, cars are tossed everywhere. It’s just bad. There’s lots of trees down. Lots of cars flipped and there are a couple of houses that are completely flattened.”

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