The corporate media has been caught strategically placing Biden supporters right in front of their broadcasting tent an hour before Thursday’s debate was scheduled to begin in Miami, Florida.

The small group of around 30 people inserted in the premier location is an attempt to inflate the hype surrounding the former VP’s presidential campaign.

Interestingly, there may have been a higher turnout of Democratic supporters outside the venue last night, given the “Climate Change” rally that occurred before the first debate which, except for Elizabeth Warren, didn’t include the Democratic front runners.

In fact, Trump supporters have dominated the energy outside the debates, having shown up once again for an impromptu Trump rally for the second night:

FULL SHOW: Kamala Harris Feasts on Biden in Clown World Debate Night 2

Joe Biden’s camp is “freaking out” over his poor debate performance after he was savaged by Kamala Harris.

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