As the number of migrants requesting asylum in Germany rises on last year’s figure, the country’s tourism industry is suffering.

July saw 74,545 people make applications for asylum in Germany, according to the Ministry of the Interior, almost double last year’s figure for the month.

The ministry noted recording the migrants’ main countries of origin as being Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan.

Germany’s tourist hotspots reported that business have been hit as a result of travelers’ fearing pickpockets, terror attacks, and sex assaults if they visit.

Heidelberg’s marketing director Steffen Schmid reported that significantly fewer tourists are visiting the popular getaway city than traveled last year. Compared to May 2015, the number of tourists from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan declined by 40 per cent. There was also a 10 per cent drop in the number of U.S. visitors from last year.

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