A new ordinance in a Wisconsin town allows police to collect fines from teens and children as young as 12 for violating stay at home orders.

The measure was adopted this week in the City of Fond du Lac, and fines vary according to the age of the person accused of violating the order.

The order states: “Citations for first-offense violations will be as follows:

• 17 years old and older – $313
• 14 to 16 years of age – $187
• 12 to 13 years of age – $90”

If there was any question whether parents would actually be the ones getting fined, the police chief clarifies that “under certain circumstances, parents/guardians may also be cited for the actions of their child(ren).”

The order went into effect Wednesday and comes as police say some people have “refused to comply” with Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ “Safer at Home” order.

Fond du Lac Police Chief William B. Lamb says it makes sense to issue citations rather than “refer criminal charges to the District Attorney’s Office.”

In a letter addressing the new measures, Chief Lamb says “our lives likely will not return to normal until the public health experts determine that we’ve safely mitigated the current risk from the virus,” and says if anyone violates the order, it will only extend the lockdown.

“Simply put,” the letter states, “every single member of this community has a say-so in how soon that is going to happen. If we all do our part and strictly comply with the guidelines that we’ve been provided, social distancing in particular, we are hopeful that we’ll see some return to normalcy in a matter of weeks. Or, for every person that decides that they do not need to comply with the public health order rules, or for every parent who allows their child to ignore it, those individuals will likely make it months and not weeks.”

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