The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dodged public comment rules and gave an oil company permission to frack in wetlands adjacent to the drinking water source for more than a million people, the Town of Abita Springs claims in a lawsuit.

In a complaint filed in the New Orleans Federal Court, the town says the Corps arbitrarily granted the Helis Oil and Gas Co.’s application to frack in a wetlands directly adjacent to the Southern Hills Acquifer System which supplies fresh water to a 10-parish region from greater Baton Rouge to Tammany Parish.

The lawsuit says the Corps did so after a private meeting with oil company representatives, and after the agency had publicly asked Helis for more information on its proposal, but got no response from the company.

Abita Springs says the Corps also refused to reopen the comment period to let citizens voice their concerns about the project after Helis submitted more than 500 pages of documentation last month.

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